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The Osprey Weekly is a weekly (the clue was in the name…) digest of happenings in the Osprey-watching world from around the web. While it has a focus on UK nests and birds, it aims to allow you easily to catch up on Osprey-related news from the whole of the planet.

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I’m Adam, a relatively recent convert to the ways of Osprey watching. The 2019 breeding season in the UK was my first, after my attention was caught by the Woodland Trust’s Loch Arkaig nest.

I spend a lot (possibly too much) time last summer obsessively chasing down every link and event in the Osprey world, so this year I thought I’d share what I found with anyone interested.

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A weekly digest of news about Ospreys from around the web, with a focus on UK nests and birds.



Newly-turned Ospreyholic.